Monday, June 8, 2009

Turkey Summer 2009

I've just gotten back home from a two week tour around Turkey. In the photo, we're standing outside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Istanbul was lots of fun and full of great shopping. There are so many sites to see in Istanbul that it is hard to list them all. The best were: Galata Tower, Bosphorous Cruise, Grand Bazzar, Topaki Place, Blue Mosque, Suleyman Mosque (althought it is currently undergoing restoration), Hagia (Aya) Sophia, Basilica Cisterns (my personal favourite), and the Church of St. Savoir in Chora (also a personal favourite).

Cappadocia, Turkey had the best valley walks and unusual land formations. I got to ride the oldest camel in Cappadocia who was 38 years old.

In Pammukale we swam in the Antique Thermal Pool and walked down the cascading hot springs known as the Cotton Castle. We visited the Hierapolis, which is an ancient Roman city.

In Ephesus we visited the last home of the Virgin Mary, made a wish on the Wish Wall, and visited what remains of the Ancient Wonder of the World: The Temple of Apollo.

We stayed in Kusadasi (pronounced 'kush-ah-das-ee') for three days and soaked up the sun on the beaches and in the Aegean Sea. Kusadasi is best known as one of Turkey's top resort towns.

[More to come]